“The Frog Prince” Storybox £145

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“The Frog Prince” Storybox, £145

Housed within a vintage 1920’s Waltham Mainspring tin, a tiny little 1930’s lead painted frog figure is wanting a kiss …. maybe he will turn in to a Prince? He sits upon a hand-embroidered lily pad, made from vintage green cotton, embroidered with vintage silk thread. This lily pad, in turn, rests upon a pond surface, fashioned from an offcut of blue celluloid from a 1940’s bag.  The Frog Prince is accompanied by a waterlily, fashioned from a vintage 1940’s millinery flower. The word “kiss” is sculpted from wire. Total size, when closed, measures 7cm  x 7cm x 2.25cm deep. 

£145 plus £6.50 postage within the UK mainland