Past Pieces

Now Reserved

This is “Believe”. It features a little fairy captured temporarily under glass. The glass is actually an early 1900’s lamp fitting. The base is cast iron, beautifully distressed, and the glass dome very delicate. The fairy herself is a 1920’s porcelain pin cushion, with a very stylish flapper hairstyle (this fairy is no ordinary fairy, this one has style!) She is wearing her original crochet dress, and on to this is hand sewn tiny 1930’s velvet millinery flowers in delicate pink. Also on her skirt is Roald Dahl’s quote “those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”. The wings on her back are silk and metal thread. They were originally a 1950’s brooch. The butterfly fluttering above her head is a 1950’s lace brooch. Don’t worry though, the butterfly will be released with the fairy. She is a wistful fairy, but not overly worried, so I don’t think she is in any danger. To the side of the lamp, someone has hand-picked some flowers, and adorned the lamp with them (also originally a 1950’s brooch).