“Blackbird Singing” Storybox

Past Pieces

“Blackbird Singing” Storybox. £295 plus postage.

“Blackbird Singing” Storybox is a hanging sculpture, set in a wonderful antique c.1890’s velvet sewing case. It is lined in the upper part with a fragment of purple damask cloth from a church alter skirt, circa mid 1800’s, and in the lower part with antique velvet dress-sash ribbon, circa 1900. Both have been hand-embroidered with tiny stars, and moonlight, using 1930’s sewing silks.

The moon is a large mother of pearl button, circa early 1900’s. The blackbird is late 1800’s, probably German, and made by Putz – it is made from composition (wire and painted plaster). The blackbird is sitting on a branch of 1920’s velvet millinery leaves, with little hand-embroidered song notes escaping him. The printed lyrics are from The Beatles song “Blackbird”. It hangs from a vintage chain, and can be closed up. The colours are just wonderful, and it really is that green.

This is a one-off unique piece of sculpture.