“Butterfly Days” Storybox

Past Pieces

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“Butterfly Days” Storybox. £350 plus postage.
It is set it inside a small Edwardian wooden drawer (c. 1910), and the feet are modified vintage chess pieces, The upper inside edge is lined with vintage silk ribbon in the palest of blues.
I pulled from my treasure trove the wonderful miniature Victorian watercolour. It is exquisitely painted, featuring a landscape scene, with a castle in the distance. The adorable little girl is c. 1930’s, painted metal (possibly lead). She is running through the long grass, trying to catch butterflies, with a butterfly net in her hand. The net I fashioned from wire and antique lace. The grass is shredded homespun antique linen, circa mid 1800’s. The beautiful bright red poppies I have 3D embroidered. The butterflies are tiny pieces of miniature 2mm silk ribbon, on wires. Can you see the dog hiding in the grass waiting for the little girl? He is also c.1930’s. This piece brings back so many memories of my own childhood, which is why I chose the William Wordsworth quote, fittingly from a poem entitled “To a Butterfly”, written in 1801:
“Sweet childish days,
that were as long
As twenty days are now.”