“Caged Bird” Sculpture, £285

Past Pieces

This vintage cage houses a tiny canary bird, which is circa 1900, and probably made by Putz, and which is painted composition. The embroidery on the cage is late 1800’s, and 1920’s ribbon is entwined with the cage also. An excerpt from the poem, ‘The Caged Bird’ by Maya Angelou, runs around the bars, printed on to vintage mourning paper circa early 1900’s. The cage door is held in place by a hat pin, with a vintage glass button to the top. Dimensions are approximately 18cm high to the top of the central cage pillar, not including the hanging ring, and 11cm wide at its widest point, which is the base.

It measures 19cm tall to the top of the cage, (22cm when the attached ring is up, when it is hung up), and at it’s maximum width is 10.5cm, when the cage door is closed.

It is £285 plus postage.

Please note that my sculptures are not suitable for children.
(All prices quoted are exclusive of postage costs – please message me for a postage quote to your country)