“Dog Days of Summer” Sculpture – £145

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“Dog Days of Summer” Brush Sculpture.

(Made to order)

PLEASE NOTE that this sculpture is made to order. I am also able to customise the dog’s colouration for an additional £20.
Each piece will feature either a sitting or standing vintage 1930’s lead painted dog, in a cornfield (an upturned 1920’s natural bristle brush), surrounded by poppies (hand-made from wire and paint) and intently watching little blue butterflies flitting about (the butterflies are sculpted from tiny fragments of 3mm antique ribbon, circa 1910, and wire). The words “Dog Days” are punched on to a vintage leather fragment at the front (colour of leather may vary). The whole piece measures approximately 14cm long, 8cm wide, and 8cm high (including the tallest butterfly).

It is £145 plus postage.

I am able to ship worldwide.

Please note that my sculptures are not suitable for children.