“Send in the Clowns” Storybox Sculpture, £1245

Past Pieces

“Send in the Clowns” Storybox Sculpture

This scene is set inside the most spectacular oak church tabernacle box, circa late 1800’s. The exterior is very austere, but the interior is luxuriously decked out in burgundy silk velvet, and rushed silk. I tried to leave as much of the interior untouched as possible, as it is stunning in it’s own right! The circus big top is contracted from a copper pipe and wire frame, soldered with silver. On to this is hand sewn the wonderful red and white striped toile fabric. This is French, from the late 1800’s, and was originally the jupon trim to a ladies petticoat. The Circus sign is drawn and painted with acrylics,being set inside a slim vintage tin, lined with 1950’s blue and white star fabric, originally from an apron. The circus animals are very early 1900’s, probably made in India, at the time of the British Raj. They have been very loved, but are wonderful, in all their faded opulence. They are carved wood and plaster. Around the interior and exterior of the tent run tiny LED lights, which can be switched on or off. Also, there is a vintage music box movement, which when wound up, plays “Send in the Clowns” from the 1973 musical A Little Night Music, by Stephen Sondheim. 

It is £1245.00 plus postage.