“English Country Garden” Storybox Sculpture

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“English Country Garden” Storybox Sculpture.

It is all set inside a wonderful gentleman’s 1920’s oak pipe cabinet. The painted metal rabbit rabbit (possibly lead) is unmarked, but probably by Georg Heyde, c. 1900-1910. I think it was originally part of a larger scene, and as such, has some obvious damage, but this doesn’t seem to distract from it’s sheer loveliness! It would seem that rabbit is wearing an outfit made completely from cabbage leaves …. as one does! Under its arm are some rather delicious looking carrots. These I handmade from kid leather from c. 1910 long evening gloves, which I dyed with inks. The carrot tops are made from antique lace, which has also been dyed. There are some more carrots still growing in the garden – you can see their heads popping out of the soil, with their bodies snuggled below the earth. The soil is all made from a fragment of late 1800’s quilt, complete with all it’s wear from years of use! The grass around Bunny’s feet I made from dyed hemp fabric, from the early 1900’s, which I frayed. In the garden are some rather large flowers (millinery flowers from the 1930’s), and a spade, which I believe Bunny is using to dig up the carrots. The spade is circa 1930’s, and painted metal (lead?). Hiding in the background you can see snail. I have it on good authority that he carries the carrots once bunny digs them up – albeit very slowly, but I believe they have some kind of working relationship going on, when he isn’t snaking on the Delphiniums. The background is a wonderful embroidered scene, done in 1950 (dated at bottom). If you look very carefully, you will see a bee buzzing in the air just above the carrots, and another on the right door. They are painted vintage glass beads, with antique lace wings. There are more bees to be found on the title to the piece, which is on the underside of the lid, and reads “In an English country garden”, which is sculpted on wire, sewn on to vintage silk velvet ribbon from the 1920’s. The song “English country garden” will play, if you wind the little key to be found on the right of the box, as there is also a vintage music box movement housed within the storybox also.