“Butterfly Days” Storybox Sculpture

Past Pieces

“Butterfly Days” Storybox is set inside a beautiful miniature drawer, c.1900, which stands on four turned wooden feet, which are parts of vintage chess pieces (pawns in this case), c. 1920’s. The painting is a beautiful antique watercolour which is dated 1898 on the reverse. The grass is made of 1920’s homespun hemp, and the poppies I have embroidered from vintage cotton thread. The tiny blue butterflies are made from miniature 1920’s silk ribbon, and they are supported on wires. The tiny dog is a 1930’s painted metal figure, as is the little girl. I have sculpted a net for her from wire, and antique netting from a petticoat, c.1910. There is a tiny handle to the top, and the original makers metal plaque. The words inside the storybox are typewritten on to vintage fabric, and read “Sweet childish days, that were as long as twenty days are now”, a quote by William Wordsworth, from his poem “To a Butterfly”.