“Forget-me-Not”, Glazed Front Storybox Sculpture

Past Pieces

Wonderful Forget-me-not storybox, housed inside a vintage, glazed front wooden box, with a secret rear compartment. This little keepsake box has a tiny pink French vintage tin in the rear compartment, ready for you to store away special things – maybe a lock of hair, or a treasured handwritten note? 

The glazed box is circa 1930’s, and the rear compartment cantilevers out. It can be displayed with this part either open to reveal the tin, or all closed up – it stands sturdily either way. The little feet are antique carved wooden Hama game counters. Behind the glass, can be found a beautiful Victorian (late 1800’s) micro-mosaic forget-me-not brooch, cushioned on to a little blue silk fragment from a Georgian quilt, circa early 1800’s. On to this, is sculpted, in powder blue silk covered wire, the words “forget me not”. On the top of the box, floats a tiny blue glass heart, which is actually a mid 1900’s button. 

Measures 16cm tall, including feet and heart on wire. Width is 8cm, expanding to just under 13cm when extended, and depth is 7cm.