“Happily Ever After”, Swan Storybox

Past Pieces

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This is “Happily Ever After”.
It is set inside a 1930’s/40’s wooden box. It is a distressed painted green on the outside, and has writing in gold on one end. The handle is a vintage early 1900’s french Pharmacie handle, which the storybox can be lifted by, or possibly hung by. Really this is meant as a standing piece. The background scene is antique painted silk, c. late 1800’s. It was originally the front of a large silk padded bag, possibly for a lady to store stockings in, or other delicate items. The swans are c. 1930 and are painted metal (possibly lead). The water is a piece of antique silk sash ribbon, as is the lining of the inside edges of the box. Both are c. late 1800’s, early 1900’s. They have been hand painted by me to illustrate the water and waters edge. The bull rushes (or cattails as they are also known) are handmade. Their stems are vintage millinery paper and wire flower stems. To these I added clay heads, with tiny wire wisps to the top, and they were then painted. The words “happily ever after” I have sculpted in wire.