“Here Comes the Sun”, Chick Storybox Sculpture

Past Pieces

“Here Comes the Sun”, Chick Storybox Sculpture
“Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right” ……poor little chick is stuck in his egg, with just his tiny feet poking out, can you see? His sibling is urging him on to come out and join him.
This storybox sculpture is a complete one-off using very rare objects. I doubt I will ever be able to find the same components ever again. The brass chick, (who has gemstones eyes and a countersunk gemstone in his back) and the box he stands upon, is a Victorian, late 1800’s stamp box. When I purchased it, the second chick was missing, and just his feet were left. I decided they need to be sticking out of an egg, expectantly (eggspectantly ….. see what I did there hehe). I had been saving the beautiful bone carved egg for about a year, and strangely, it was the perfect scale for this piece. It is mid 1800’s, and, I have been informed, was probably a dummy egg used for pet birds, such as zebra finches, or canaries. The brass box, in turn, sits upon a base that consists of a beautiful olive wood box, circa 1900, from Jerusalem. From this, sprouts two steel posts, originally from a 1950’s abacas. I have topped these with just the tips of two antique bone game counters, circa 1800. The words from The Beatles tune, “Here comes the sun” is typed on to vintage paper, which in turn is suspended from wires across the two posts. It’s a wonderful little piece. Would be a lovely present for someone needing some reassurance in these hard times, or a reminder of love and support offered.
It is a one-off piece, and cannot be recreated. It stands at approximately 12.5cm tall.