“Little Sausage” Storybox

Past Pieces


“Little Sausage” storybox. It features the tiniest, and most adorable little dachshund in the world! He is hugely collectable in his own right, being a miniature cold painted bronze, and at under 3cm from the tip of his nose, to the end of his tail, he couldn’t be more perfectly sculpted. Just wonderful. He has his little nose in the air, and he is sniffing a long string of sausages. The sausages are formed from tiny Victorian cylindical pink glass beads, and hand-embroidery. At their end is the tiniest of vintage enamelled hearts, from a child’s necklace, c.1930’s. The word “sausage” is sculpted from wire, and sewn on to the beautiful delicate pink tiny quilt fragment, that is used as backing, c. 1890’s. The lovely delicate lace trim is c.1900. Around the inside edge if the tin runs a 1930’s lingerie ribbon. It is all housed inside a rare Bournville cocoa striker tin (photo to follow), which, when closed, measures 4.5cm x 6.5cm.

This adorable little piece is £145 plus postage. NOW SOLD