“Little Twit”, Storybox Sculpture

Past Pieces

This is “Little Twit” really is the tiniest Twit that I ever did see. He measures a mere 1.75cm, and the whole storybox, when closed, measures 5cm x 5cm x 4cm deep. He lives inside a vintage, early 1900’s inkwell. Quite frankly, that is possibly why he is a bit of a twit, but there you go. The inkwell is very distressed leather on the exterior, and the interior a lovely embellished brass. There is a leaf growing out of the top, which is an antique French copper stamping, made by hand in the early 1900’s by a Parisian atelier called Framex. The inside of the main lid houses a little fragment of a 1920’s embroidery of leaves, and the word “twit” I have sculpted from wire. When you open up the lid to the inkwell compartment, it reveals Little Twit, who is an early 1900’s painted chalk figure. The sides of the inkwell part are lined with the greenest emerald green velvet I think it is possible to produce, which is a tiny fragment of antique quilt from the early 1800’s, and very possibly was dyed with arsenic. Inside the embellished inkwell lid is another tiny piece of 1920’s embroidery, and the word “twoo” is fashioned from wire.

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