“Love is Blindness” Storybox Sculpture, £650

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So now it’s time for me to bare a little piece of my soul to you. This is by far the most personal piece I have ever made, which I have struggled to finish over the last 5 months, so please be gentle with me. This last year has been incredibly tempestuous for me, I have been single for the first time in almost 20 years, and exposed to the highs and lows of the modern day dating scene. This piece has come out of that – it’s pain and love, all rolled in to one – I know most of you will have been there too. So, read in to it what you wish – I am sure it will personalise itself to you.

“Love is Blindness” Storybox. Stunningly beautiful late Victorian c. 1880’s red velvet boudoir box, still with the original silk inlay, and metal binding to the outside (photo to follow). Inside the main body sits an early 1900’s heart shaped timeworn pin cushion, with old pins, left just where the last person placed them. This is backed with glorious faded silk ribbon, originally from another boudoir box, this one from c. 1910. From the pincushion heart, the start of the quote springs “Love is blindness, I don’t want to see” (by U2, Jack White, and others), sculpted from wire. The last part of the quote floats across the front of the lower part of the storybox. Inside the lid to the other side, is miniature handmade barbed wire, with a tiny fragment of Georgian silk caught upon it. The whole box measures 22cm tall x 16cm wide, and 10.5cm, deep.

It is £650