“Me and Mrs. Jones” Storybox Sculpture

Past Pieces

“Me and Mrs Jones” Storybox sculpture, is telling it’s little tale.

It is set inside a 1930’s tin box base, with an ornate embossed pattern to the sides, and it measures at total of 29cm x 24cm x 6.5cm. The background is a vintage street scene watercolour, painted circa 1960, possibly of Montmartre, Paris. The words “Me and Mrs. Jones” are sculpted out of wire, and stitched on. They refer to the song lyrics of “Me and Mrs. Jones, by Billy Paul, around which this whole storybox is set. Mrs. Jones and her gentleman admirer are 1940’s painted metal (possibly lead) toy figures. Mrs. Jones is waiting under thee clock, and it is 6.30, which is the time they meet at the same cafe, everyday. The street clock is made from the face of a 1930’s watch and wire. The two chairs at the cafe are vintage 1960’s dolls house chairs, awaiting their occupants. The inside edge of the tin is lined with silk velvet ribbon, circa early 1900’s, and the shadows have been painted on. The whole box stands on 4 turned wooden feet, which are actually fragments of vintage chess pieces c.1930.

Now sold