“Mermaids Singing” – Illuminated Storybox, £325

Past Pieces

“Mermaid Song” is an illuminated storybox sculpture.  You turn the little switch on the top of the back lantern part, and the Victorian glass magic lantern slide, depicting the mermaids, will light up. It is set inside a 1920/30’s Oxo tin, which has a close-able front lid, with a mid 1900’s lantern torch to the back, which allows it to be illuminated (it is battery operated). All the fabrics are beautiful distressed silks from a Georgian quilt, circa early 1800’s. The crab is a silver filigree brooch, c. 1940’s. The little starfish I have made from various wires. The tiny glass bubbles are glass beads, circa early 1900’s. The first line of the poem “The Mermaid” by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, I have sculpted from wire. It reads “who would be a mermaid fair”. The storybox is deceptive in size, as from the front, the torch is barely visible. Front dimensions are 11cm square, with the total depth of the sculpture, including the torch, being 13.5cm.

It is £325 plus £8.50 postage (£18.50 International postage, fully insured)

Please note that none of my artworks are suitable for children.