“Never Smile at a Crocodile” Storybox

Past Pieces

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“Never smile at a crocodile” is looking for someone brave enough to give him a new home. He promises not to bite too hard. This storybox contains the most wonderful, very early, composition (wire and plaster) crocodile, c. 1900-1910. I bet he gave hours of fun to someone! Sitting on his back is a 1930’s carved and painted wooden bird. I believe he is an African Hoopoe. They are both enclosed by a lead 1930’s fence (probably not to modern health and safety standards – looks like little hands could get through!). Talking of little hands, can you see the little boy looking worryingly over his shoulder? He is a Grecon doll from the 1930’s. The embroidery is 1930’s, and on to that there are the lyrics to “Never smile at a crocodile” ….. I bet you are singing it already! 😉 It is all set inside a rather lovely 1930’s tin, which stands on vintage chess piece feet (castle heads in this instance). On the top is a french parcel handle circa early 1900’s. I hope it makes you smile, just don’t smile at the crocodile!