“New Life” Storybox

Past Pieces


“New Life Storybox, set inside a lovely vintage Peps tin, with a tree to the front. Inside, the main body is filled with a beautiful miniature embroidery from the 1920’s/30’s, featuring a wonderful countryside theme. In the field, there is a sheep grazing, which is c. 1930’s painted metal (possibly lead?). In the foreground are rambling roses, which are made from 1920’s ribbon. The inside of the lid is filled with a small piece of late Victorian baby blue quilt, with a tiny pattern on it. The words to “Feeling Good” are printed and sculpted from wire, and beneath them more rose rambles, which I have hand-embroidered also. The whole piece measures approximately 4″ tall.

This piece was £145 plus postage.
Please note that my sculptures are not suitable for children.