“Phenomenal Woman” Storybox Necklace

Past Pieces


“Phenomenal Woman” is a one-off piece of wearable art and is £225 plus postage. This necklace is made up of 4 vintage tins. The cylinder shaped one is in two halves. It is circa early 1900, came out of a gentleman’s personal care case, and originally contained wax, so is possibly a moustache wax tin? Inside are tiny pieces of mustard yellow Victorian quilt, which I have hand-sewn. On to these is sculpted and embroidered the words Phenomenal Woman, from the Maya Angelou poem of the same name. The next tin along is circa early 1900 and is glass fronted. It was originally a pocket watchmaker’s spares tin. It contains a beautiful hand-painted portrait of woman, which is done on organza, c.1910-1920. After this, is a 1950’s vintage Betterware miniature polish tin, and after that a 1940’s Longlex Nail White tin. All these tins are joined together with an early 1900’s Edwardian bar necklace chain. This culminates in a black silk ruffled cuff to the nape of the neck, which is from a Victorian dress.