“Room with a view” Storybox Sculture

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“Room with a View” Storybox. This storybox is set inside a vintage 1930’s oak box. This displays open, and is set on tiny wooden legs at the front. The legs are the tops of antique lace bobbins. To the top of the box is a beautiful antique arts & crafts copper handle, originally from a chest of drawers. Inside the main body of the box is a vintage metal dolls house window, behind which is set a beautiful antique painted landscape, which has been painted on to silk, c. late 1800’s. The striped fabric surrounding the window is French vintage ticking. Standing in front of the window is the most adorable 1920’s wire framed, composition cat. On the window perched above him is a tiny adorable painted, carved parrot, circa 1930’s. The inside of the lid is lined with the most wonderful antique fabric, c. late 1800’s. On to this is printed some of the lyrics to Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy”, and reads, “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is how to love, and be loved in return”. By the side of this is two beautiful pink vintage glass heart shaped buttons. The box can be closed up and carried by the handle. To the front of the box is also a vintage metal heart, which is Scandinavian, from a 1960’s children’s belt buckle.