“Singing in the Rain”, musical storybox sculpture

Past Pieces

“Singing in the Rain”, and is a musical storybox sculpture.
If you turn the little handle to the side, it plays singing in the rain, made famous by Gene Kelly. The musical movement is housed with a wooden box, c. 1900. This, in turn, stands on little boxwood turned feet, which are actually pawn chess piece heads, c.1920. The label to the front is stamped blue leather, c. 1920, from a match case cover, enclosed in a vintage 1900’s brass drawer label. The magnificent chest-like box that the main body of the storybox is housed in, is circa mid 1800’s. It has a tooled leather surface, and a magnificent brass button-like catch to one side. It is lined with the most beautiful peacock blue silk, and I have kept as much of this as I could, including the stunning padded background. Inside this box, there is a frog singing and dancing. He is circa 1910 and is cold painted metal. He is holding an umbrella, which I have sculpted from wire and vintage linen. He is standing on a lily pad, which I have made from c. 1930’s silk dress taffeta and wire. The little flower is a millinery flower c.1930’s also. The pond surface, which it is all standing on, I have hand-painted. The raindrops are glass beads, c. early 1900’s, and they hang from little wires. Inside the lid, I have sculpted the words “I’m laughing at clouds” from wire, which is a line from the song. They are stitched on to pink silk ribbon, c. 1900. I have made a little video which you can view HERE.