“To the Beach” Storybox Sculpture

Past Pieces

“To the Beach” Storybox

 Set inside the main body of a 1930’s suitcase tin, originally for biscuits, and standing on little feet, which were originally vintage hand turned wooden chess pieces (bishop’s heads). The back scene is a wonderful mid-century acrylic painted sand dunes and beach scene. The little girl is a 1940’s lead figure, with a net I made from wire and vintage lace. her two little dog friends are vintage 1930’s lead figures, repainted to resemble the customers dogs. The grasses by the side of her are made from wire and are hand-painted. The beach below her feet is sculpted from clay, and hand-painted also. The quote “Sweet childish days, that were as long, as twenty days are now.” is a quote from William Wordsworth, from his poem “To a Butterfly”, and are printed on to thin slivers of vintage fabric, and hand-sewn on to the background.